Katie at Comic Con!

It’s that time of year again; for the nerds of the New York metropolitan area to be packed in like sardines and distributed into tiny lines throughout a building until they pass out from exhaustion. Most of all though, NYCC is a time to unabashedly celebrate what you love and to be a fan. Whether you were there to meet the stars, cosplay, get that missing comic, see that exclusive trailer, or play that game before it hit the shelves – there is an abundance of things to see and do at the convention.

One of the highlights for me was viewing some costumes and props from the upcoming Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. I spent a lot of time looking at the different items and descriptions, hoping for some clues to the plot, but alas there was not.

The rest of my morning seemed like a whirlwind of trying to find the old Archie/Sonic comics somewhere in the endless bins, waiting in lines, seeing the first full episode of Season 2 of Dirk Gently, and realizing how tiny Elijah Wood is in real life.

There were a lot of interactive and immersive exhibits that were really cool if you were patient enough to wait to get in. You could explore a full size version of The Tick‘s “Dangerboat,” or go on a South Park game show where if you got a question wrong you were fake vomited on by Randy. There was a walk through haunted house to announce the upcoming Amazon show Lore, based on the popular podcast of the same name. As a big Mr. Robot fan I was very excited to sell my soul to the man and sign up for an official “E-corp Bank Account” as well.

I also fangazed at the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D cast for a bit.

Oh yeah, and if you forgot that Disney owns most of what you love, here is a not so subtle reminder. (But for real these are the official new costumes being debuted on the cruise line this month!)

To end things off, I play-tested Shadow of War, which was awesome, and I suggest you play the original. To celebrate the new game some random dude and I rode a dragon… because if you can’t walk into Mordor, try flying a dragon.

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