NYCC News Round Up

The NonPro crew was lucky enough to attend New York Comic Con this year, and there was certainly a lot of very cool stuff to see! While the folks at Near Mint will be bringing you everything comic related, that leaves everything else up to me! So here’s a brief run down of some of the awesome stuff we saw at NYCC:

Electric Dreams Looks Amazing

We got to see a trailer and some footage of Amazon’s new show Electric Dreams, it’s based off of the work of Philip K Dick, author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was itself the inspiration for Blade Runner. The show is a hard Sci-Fi anthology series, with tones that vary between the morbid and absurd on any given episode. As you can see from the trailer, the series has nabbed an incredible cast of actors. From what I’ve seen, I’d call it a better looking Dark Mirror, and I’m a Dark Mirror fan.

Pacific Rim II: Electric Boogalo

Look, I enjoyed the first Pacific Rim, but I can’t say I was super excited for a return to the Kaiju and Robot filled universe without Guillermo del Toro at the helm of the Yager. The Pacific Rim Panel put my mind at ease a bit. John Boyega and director Steven S. DeKnight took to the stage to help show off the new fun romp the two have cooked up. We got our first look at a trailer and footage from the sequel that boasted a lot of the things that made the first film great, including a returning multicultural cast, great effects, exciting fights, and much more. If nothing else, this sequel will help prove Boyega has got a future in Sci-Fi.

I don’t want to runaway…

We got to sit down for Hulu’s Runaways panel, and let me tell you I am stoked.

I will be the first to tell you, I love my angsty-teen-dramas, and the cast and producers took to the stage to really give us a good look at how they are going to take that genre and mix it up. I’m all in.


The SHIELD team and producer Jeff Lobe took to the stage in Madison Square Garden to give us a glimpse of what’s to come in the little Marvel engine-that-could, now entering its 5th season.  Did we see footage of the team in space? Yes! Do we have any idea what’s going on yet? Nope! We got to see the team as they awake from some sort of suspended animation space-thing, and they are divided and confused, and frankly, so are we. We’ll just have to  have to wait and see what happens when the show returns this winter. Until then, I guess we could all just watch Inhumans

Here is a fun blooper reel to tide everyone over.


We got to see a new Justice League Trailer at the DC Entertainment booth, and feelings seem to be mixed. The trailers are certainly starting to seem a lot more fun, and you can feel Joss’s influence on the film more and more – but it still feels off. We don’t have much longer to wait until we find out.


A few NYCC’s ago, Frank and I really enjoyed the premiere sneak peak for the NBC show Constantine. Unfortunately, the live-action show was not with us long, but at the CW panel we got a glimpse of our next adventure with the foul-mouthed Brit – in his animated series. It feels right to have Matt Ryan back in the old brown coat, even if it will only be for an animated series on the CW Seed online service. And while we got lots of info about Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, I would be lying if I told you this wasn’t what I was most excited for.

Sonic The Hedgehog

MY CONTRACT ALLOWS ME TO DISCUSS SONIC THE HEDGEHOG COMICS ONCE PER QUARTER SO GET READY FOR IT. IDW finally gave us some information about the brand new Sonic the Hedgehog Comic, its first publisher in 25 years. Long-time Sonic writer, Ian Flynn will be returning to the series at its new home. We even got some amazing cover art by Tyson Hesse, the man behind Sonic Mania‘s amazing opening animation.

The Walking Dead

Finally, we got some exciting news out of the Madison Square Garden, for those of you that still watch this old show (OK, fine – I know I’m the only one who stopped watching)! This year we will officially be getting a Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead cross-over.  Just in case anyone was excited about that.

We even got some Twitter art teasing it after the panel.

Overall, not a bad NYCC.

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