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The NonPro Movie Night Marathon Teaser! October 21, 2018 - We're putting on our first Kickstarter, and we need your help to reach our goal - AND BEYOND!
NonPro March Madness – Sidekicks That Matter – Elite Eight March 25, 2015 - We discuss Round Four of our #SidekicksThatMatter #MarchMadness competition: THE ELITE EIGHT! Help us decide the winner for our four regions, and who moves on [...]
Alter Negro – Just Look at the Flowers March 17, 2014 - Whoa that Walking Dead is a rough show to watch sometimes. The last episode “Grove” was really a stomach punch. And that’s what this show [...]
Open Mic Therapy with Sharon Simon & John Minus February 24, 2014 - Snorks, Foofur, and Personality Disorders. There’s not much we don’t get into in this episode. Special guest Sharon Simon shares her love of Star Trek [...]
Alter Negro – My Funny Valentine February 17, 2014 - Have you ever had a bad Valentine’s Day? Well John and N’Jaila have had the worse, and they talk about it on this episode of [...]
Alter Negro – Powered by ‘tussin February 10, 2014 - N’Jaila is on a lot of cough medicine, and John is on little sleep, so it’s one of those train wreck shows people love. Topics [...]
Alter Negro – The Return of the Sho(w) January 27, 2014 - On this episode of the Alter Negro Sho, N’Jaila and John start off talking about the Grammy’s and Macklemore, and end up having a heated [...]
Alter Negro – Decepticomics Unvieled! August 5, 2013 - In this episode of the Alter Negro Sho, Cerrome Russell and Gordon Baker-Bone will be joining N’Jaila and John Minus to discuss what happens before [...]
Alter Negro – The Dark Hashtag July 22, 2013 - Is Black Twitter really a thing? Why are people so interested in studying it? Also, more Nerd Rage (why the f*** did they let Vin [...]
The Alter Negro Sho Goes to a Gaming Convention July 8, 2013 - Ever wanted to know what goes on at a Gaming Convention? The Alter Negro Show knows! We talk about all sorts of wacky racial experiences [...]