Dark Shadows Episode Four November 24, 2011 - “Episode 4”. Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 30 June 1966. It’s just before midnight as Victoria hears someone arguing near her bedroom. The door handle [...]
The Highs and Lows of an Expanded Universe November 22, 2011 - As geeks, we all come across stories that we fall in love with. Sometimes, the world of a story is just large enough for the [...]
Film Flashback: Return of the Living Dead November 20, 2011 - The Return of the Living Dead (1985), dir. Dan O’Bannon, Orion Pictures The 1980’s was a strange time for horror films, and the middle of [...]
Dark Shadows Episode Three November 18, 2011 - “Episode 3.” Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 29 June 1966. We open with Roger Collins racing towards a cottage. Pounding on the door gets him [...]
An Open Letter to Frank Miller November 14, 2011 - Dear Frank, Stop. Just stop, seriously. You used to write really awesome comics. Sure, some of them were kinda weird about gender issues, what with [...]
Dark Shadows Episode Two November 13, 2011 - “Episode 2.” Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 28 June 1966. We open with Victoria inside the Collins estate. Elizabeth, while preparing tea, only drops hints [...]
Film Flashback: Lady Terminator November 13, 2011 - Lady Terminator (1988), dir. Jalil Jackson, 108 Sound Studio/Soraya Intercine Film PT Ludicrous; yeah, that’s about the only word that sums up this film. Any [...]
Film Flashback: Squirm November 12, 2011 - Squirm (1976), dir. Jeff Lieberman, American International Pictures A thunderstorm ravages the small town of Fly Creek, located deep within the wilds of Georgia. Power [...]
Dark Shadows Recap/Review 1 November 12, 2011 - Having recently purchased a collection of Dark Shadow comics from the 1960’s, I’ve decided to take a critical eye towards the show that spawned it. [...]
Film Flashback: Zombie November 11, 2011 - Zombie (1979), dir. Lucio Fulci, Variety Film Production A backlit man shoots a bound figure in the head. A derelict boat sails into New York [...]