Dark Shadows Episode Two

“Episode 2.” Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 28 June 1966.

We open with Victoria inside the Collins estate. Elizabeth, while preparing tea, only drops hints about David, Roger’s son, and cryptically refers to the boy as unlike Victoria has ever met. We cut back to the Blue Whale (the local hangout from the previous episode), where Devlin and the PI (Wilbur Strike) are still talking.

We meet another member of the Collins clan. Carolyn Stoddard, Elizabeth’s daughter. She dances with several young man, much to the annoyance of her date, Joe Haskell.
Through Mr. Strike we learn that Joe Haskell is practically Carolyn’s husband, at least if Elizabeth has her say. A fight nearly breaks out between Haskell and a local youth, but Devlin steps in and stops it. He orders Joe to take Carolyn home, and then ask him to meet with him later, refusing to go into specifics.

Back at the house, Victoria tries to ferret out more information about her hiring, but Elizabeth is less than forth coming. Carolyn’s arrival takes the older woman away, leaving Victoria to settle into her room. A room that Elizabeth used to sleep in, a fact that heavily mentioned.

Carolyn and Elizabeth talk. There is tension, but neither side is truly upset with the other. Carolyn simply wishes to leave the oppressive house, while Elizabeth doesn’t want to be alone. Elizabeth cheers Carolyn up about the last part, suggesting Victoria is to serve another function besides nanny.

Victoria, meanwhile, has gone exploring the grounds. Standing on the cliffs overlooking the sea, she encounters Roger. The man seems charming, if a bit too forward. When told of Devlin’s presence in town, Roger flies into a fit and runs away. Victoria enters the house later as Elizabeth plays the piano. When Elizabeth collapses, Victoria runs off into the darkened house’s interior.

Well, so far the plot thickens a bit. We have a clearer idea on why Victoria was hired, although Elizabeth credits Roger with hiring Victoria, while Roger credits Elizabeth. Devlin sets things in motion with Joe, although if Strike’s info is so complete why doesn’t he just read the report instead of having it read to him in the middle of a bar? We also learn a bit about the background of the Collins family and fortune.

Questions raised: What exactly is the deal with David? What is Elizabeth hiding? What is Devlin’s deal?