Animation Block: Mighty Max October 12, 2011 - This series will focus on various animated series of the past which are still highly enjoyable even by modern standards. It’s my hope to help bring [...]
Horror Host Flashback: Sir Cecil Creape October 11, 2011 - Sir Cecil Creape/The Phantom of the Opry Real name: Russ McCown Years active: 1971-1973/1983-1985, Middle TN The next horror host to call Middle Tennessee home [...]
Horror Host Flashback: Dr. Lucifer October 11, 2011 - I’ll expand on this later, but one of my interests is horror hosts. When you get right down to it, horror hosts are pure Americana. [...]
Random Thoughts 2 October 11, 2011 - I suppose starting off an article with a definition is a bit cliché, but if you are on the Internet, chances are you know what [...]
Visions October 9, 2011 - I was struck by an odd vision recently. I dreamed the cast of Blackadder the 3rd was hosting a cooking show in character when an [...]
Things That Need to Go Away: Superhero Analogues October 8, 2011 - Sometimes in comics it becomes apparent that an author wants to tell stories about a character they’re not legally allowed to use. Usually it’s Superman, [...]
Random Thoughts 1: Going back to the well October 6, 2011 - Thanks to Jesse for inspiring this post There are many things wrong with the current comic industry, but one thing I am going to talk [...]
Things That Need to Go Away: The Definitive Run October 5, 2011 - Mainstream comics are tricky beasts. We are well past the point where just about anyone is creating much in the way of new characters, because [...]
Why Geekademia? October 3, 2011 - Welcome to the Geekademia blog. So far, you’ve been reading the stylings of our very talented David Lawrence, and he’s done a great job of [...]