Dark Shadows Episode Four

“Episode 4”. Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 30 June 1966.

It’s just before midnight as Victoria hears someone arguing near her bedroom. The door handle to her room jiggles as Elizabeth and Roger begin to shout. Moving downstairs, Roger and Elizabeth continue their fight as Roger plies himself with brandy. He is convinced that Victoria is an agent for Burke Devlin.

Roger tears into Elizabeth, swearing he won’t become a recluse like her or allow Devlin to kill him. Carolyn enters and gives her staunch approval over her uncle’s speech. The fight grows nastier as Elizabeth tries to use their ancestors against Roger, implying they would have handled the matter differently.

Carolyn brings Victoria downstairs. We learn that Roger’s wife isn’t dead. Victoria is grilled about Devlin, with Roger growing more and more convinced that the two are partners in some devilish enterprise. Switching topics to talk about his son, Roger warns that David is special; although it seems to be more ‘chained up and wearing a potato sack’ deal than gifted. Victoria, finally having enough, suggests she might just leave the town and family altogether in the morning.

A few hours later, Victoria is woken up by a loud sobbing. Investigating, she searches the drawing room but finds no one. Going back to her room gives her the first sight of David. The young boy glowers at her and declares he hates her.

Well, with this we finally see David Collins. Roger’s paranoia is growing, but we still know nothing about Devlin’s plan.

Questions raised: Who was doing the crying? What is Devlin’s plan? Why does David hate Victoria?