Dark Shadows Episode Three

“Episode 3.” Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 29 June 1966.

We open with Roger Collins racing towards a cottage. Pounding on the door gets him no response, so he leaves in a huff.

Back at Collinswood, Victoria is busy writing a letter when Carolyn introduces herself. She seems nice, but she still offers to help Victoria pack. Convinced that Victoria isn’t going to flee that night, Carolyn then offers to answer her questions. Carolyn makes it clear she has no idea who Devlin is or has any interest in Joe Haskell. Who catches her fancy then? Why, her Uncle Roger, who else? Yeah, I suppose this was less creepy in the 1960’s, I guess.

Speaking of Devlin, he’s meeting with none other than Joe Haskell at the Blue Whale. He drops some hints about Carolyn, prompting Joe to sit down.
Roger arrives at the Inn. The picture becomes clearer, as the man he was trying to see earlier was Maggie’s father. He tries his charming act, trying to figure out where her old man is and even offers to buy one of his paintings. Maggie seems hopeful at that last remark.

We finally get some more info on Devlin. Seems he really was local boy, but has recently returned with money (as evidenced by his renting three rooms at the inn). Maggie’s father also seemed rather fond of Devlin too, yet hasn’t mentioned the name is years.

Back at the house, Victoria and Carolyn are walking about the house. We learn about more about the Collins family (also Roger looks a bit like Isaac Collins, the founder of Collinsport and the family fortune), but while the girls talk, a door opens slightly…

Carolyn glibly suggests the wind opened it…despite it being inside.

Devlin and Joe continue their talk. Devlin seems to know a disturbing amount of info on Joe. He also offers Joe a large amount of money, in exchange for some information.

While Roger waits for Maggie’s father, Mr. Malloy of the Collins fishing fleet barges in. He is clearly agitated about Devlin’s return. Roger acts cool, but Malloy reminds Roger about ‘ten years ago’, and refers to Devlin as an ex-con.

Devlin continues his talk with Joe, mostly explaining how he got his money. Joe, flustered, refuses his offer. Malloy enters the inn and orders Joe home. Malloy begs Devlin to ‘let things go’, but Devlin refuses.

Back at the house, Victoria and Carolyn come back to Victoria’s room, where someone has been rifling through Victoria’s things. Carolyn only cryptically offers warning about locking the door and promises to see her in the morning.

So, is everyone in this town afflicted with a disease that prevents them from actually getting to the point? Carolyn warmly greets Victoria, then promptly tell her to flee, then welcomes her again. Malloy drops hints about Devlin’s past, but doesn’t say much more than him being an ex-con. Obviously if he spilled the entire story it would seem odd, as Roger clearly knows what Devlin did, but we the viewers do not.

Questions raised: What happened ten years ago? Who is spying on Victoria?