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Playing with Comedians

June 25, 2012 NonProductive 0

While several professional standup comedians were working on their material at a northern NJ recording studio, they came upon some fellow podcasters enjoying a role-playing […]

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D&D Next Playtest Begins!

May 24, 2012 Frank 0

We here at are nothing if not nerds. That’s why we’re super-interested in what’s coming Next with D&D, as the proposed new edition of […]

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Dark Shadows, Episode 21

May 8, 2012 Jesse 0

“21.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 25 July 1966. We open with Victoria and Carolyn in the kitchen. They’re basically info-dumping and going over all the events […]

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Congrats, Sam Little!

August 14, 2011 Frank 1

When Samantha Little told us she had something special in store for her first dance with her new hubby, I had no idea it would […]

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Saturday Nightmares!

June 6, 2011 NonProductive 0

We’ll be posting clips, reviews, and interviews from this weekend’s Saturday Nightmares Classic Horror Con all week long!  Stay tuned, ghouls!

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And the winner is…

May 2, 2011 Frank 0

After weeks of complicated mathematical computations, divining the entrails of an ultra-rare albino unicorn, and guessing — is proud, honored, and just plain gitty […]