Dark Shadows, Episode 21

“21.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 25 July 1966.

We open with Victoria and Carolyn in the kitchen. They’re basically info-dumping and going over all the events that happened recently, including Victoria’s arrival and Roger’s crash. Victoria has now come around to believing Devlin’s innocence at least as far as Roger’s car is concerned. Carolyn is now having some doubts, as her guilt about bringing Devlin into Collinwood is just now starting to develop.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, is deeply troubled. It seems she called the Hammond Foundling Home and discovered that Wilbur Strake has been investigating Victoria’s background. Victoria notices Elizabeth’s state and learns of Wilbur’s actions. She is curious as to why Elizabeth would be upset by this, unless of course she knows something about Victoria’s past. Elizabeth denies this strongly, but it clear she is hiding something.

Bill Malloy is confronting Devlin. Devlin again plays it cool and ignores Malloy’s outburst, but through it he does learn about the gossip regarding Victoria. When pressed, Devlin fully admits to hiring a private detective to snoop around, but he swears he wasn’t interested in the Collins family. He just wanted to pursue some investments in town.

Questions asked:  Where is Roger? What is Elizabeth hiding?

Review:  This episode served mostly to catch the viewers at home up on what was going on and nothing more. Not bad, although again we have to deal with people standing around instead of actually doing anything, and if Devlin wanted to invest in Collinsport, why would he send a PI to an orphanage in New York City?