D&D Next Playtest Begins!

We here at Non-Productive.com are nothing if not nerds.

That’s why we’re super-interested in what’s coming Next with D&D, as the proposed new edition of the world’s most iconic role-playing game enters the playtest phase! As discussed on last night’s episode of the Line Cutters (what, you missed it? well – the podcast will be up soon, Bub!), Wizards of the Coast is seeking the approval and support of their player-base this time around, and while there are many pitfalls and quagmires one can fall into when trying to please everyone, it sure is exciting to see them try!

As we read through the newly released Alpha-set of rules WotC puts out, we’ll be readying a playtest of the game to be run via a live broadcast every week (tentatively scheduled on Wednesday nights, but stay tuned for the final schedule – or better yet leave a comment below and tell us when you’d want to watch).

So, yes – you too can join the crew of NonProductive as we gather around the game table and try to figure out what exactly is D&D Next!

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