Cult TV Finale!

So it’s come to this – the Battle of the Time Traveling Doctors!

This. Is. Awesome.

For those of you not in the know, since the start of March, Non-Productive has been holding its own Cult TV March Madness competition, pitting conference after conference of influential fandom-fueled television shows against one another in a winner-take all single elimination rumble!  Week after week, our list of contestants dwindled until only two remained to battle for the title.  Let’s look back at who we had and what happened…

Stephen J Cannell Conference
The A-Team team was the team to beat in this conference, but sadly, everyone’s favorite non-Rambo Vietnam Vets were smashed by The Incredible Hulk in the second round.

Glen A Larson Conference
Knight Rider was a surprising contender, but none-the-less could not stand against one of our finalist, Quantum Leap who defeated Michael Knight in the third round.

Chris Carter Conference
With X-Files killing Millennium in a cannibalistic first round, there was perhaps little surprise that this conference was knocked out by Firefly in the third round. Still, other conferences fared far worse…

JJ Abrams Conference
Yikes!  Not a single Abrams show made it past the first round.  Not even the hit phenomenon LOST who had to contend against Sliders.  We love you, JJ, but apparently we’re not going to go cult for you!

At Large Conferences
The Incredible Hulk took the lead in this conference of miscellaneous miscreants, but was, like so many others, ousted by the venerable Dr. Beckett of Quantum Leap in the fourth round.

Anthony Yerkovich Conference
Miami Vice was an underdog, but did not survive it’s confrontation with the good Doctor Who in the second round.

Joss Whedon Conference
Ah… the controversial Joss Whedon Conference. Buffy and Firefly both had a history of coming out ahead at the last minute or winning by extremely narrow leads, but we are never going to hear the end of this one. After Buffy‘s stunning defeat of Star Trek many were surprised to see her crushed by the Hulk in the third round. In fact, people are still voting for that fight on our facebook page today.

Still, the conference leader was Firefly which got canceled by Doctor Who in the fourth round.

Which leads us to…

Our conference leaders, the Bellisario Conference with Quantum Leap versus the British Conference with Dr Who.

May god have mercy on us all (and the Time Stream).

Oh, and for those of you that follow those things:

  • Quantum Leap defeated a conference in the fourth round and a conference in the third round.
  • Doctor Who defeated a conference in the fourth round and a conference in the second round.
  • This means that Leap has a slight lead in conference wins as compared to Who. Gulp!


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– Frank