The Edge of Perfection

June 18, 2014 James 0

The Edge of Tomorrow is a nearly perfect Sci Fi adventure and is the most fun I have had with an original Sci Fi film since Rain […]

It’s For The Children!

March 12, 2014 James 0

The Montclair University Gamers Charity Marathon is Back! This year starting at 3:00pm on Friday March 14th, and lasting the following 48hours, the students, alumni, […]

“Cereal” Killers!

October 11, 2013 Ken 0

This coming Tuesday at 8pm EST, we will regress back to childhood when we reminisce over those classic General Mills monster cereals, Count Chocula, Franken […]

Hayride of Horrors!

October 3, 2013 Big Poppa Pete 0

Geektoberfest has officially begun, and NonProductive is kicking it off with a bang!  We’re heading to Corrado’s Farm in Hackettstown, NJ for a good ol’fashioned […]