Playing with Comedians

While several professional standup comedians were working on their material at a northern NJ recording studio, they came upon some fellow podcasters enjoying a role-playing game. What follows is a film project dedicated to documenting what happens when three newcomers to the hobby attempt to play their first rpg.

Three normal guys with absolutely no idea what they are about to get themselves into.

And with that announcement, we are proud to present a film-project marrying together some of our favorite things: Comedy & Gaming! Playing with Comedians is a documentary film project that explorers what a group of professional stand-ups make of the role-playing hobby as they dive head first into their first game. Filled with interviews with famous comedians, actual game play, and Q&As that attempt to uncover the biases and bases each player has going into the game, the film explores areas of the hobby that keep it a mystery for so many people.

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