Welcome to the New Geekademia!

Hello all,

For those of you following us over from Blogspot, welcome to our new digs! I think NonProductive, being our parent station, is going to be a great fit for us. We can write all the same stuff we want with virtually no changes to our content or output and a bigger audience to boot.

For those just joining us here at Geekademia because you see the link on the Non-Productive page, we’re happy to have you reading as well.ย  The archives of our old site are available here, so you can go back and read what we’re about. For the most part, we do reviews of obscure but worthwhile pieces of entertainment and offer opinions about aspects of geek culture from an academic perspective.

If you’re into the whole social networking thing, you can join us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/people/Geekademia-JesseDave

From what I understand, the Geekademia podcast will have a short sneak preview at the end of the current NonPro season and begin for real with the 2012 shows. You can look forward to a lot of great discussions and interviews, and we’re just getting started.

Thanks again for having us, NonPro. You haven’t seen anything yet!