Brave and the Bold and the Emma

Near Mint:

Join us this Tuesday at 7pm EST on Near Mint as we welcome internet phenom Ross Pearsall and discuss all of our childhood comic book dreams that happen everyday on his website, Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues. And as always, we review the books you should be reading as well as the books might might summon Cthulhu if you read them……

The Loud Idiots:

Join us this Tuesday at 8pm EST on The Loud Idiots as we present Camilla Rantsen and Emma Caulfield (you know, Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?) on the show to discuss their new graphic novel “Ripped”. It will be revelations galore along with some surprise info and guests. Plus a new review from Taffeta Darling. We guarantee you won’t want to miss this one!

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Longshot Ken was the original inspiration for Sir Ian Flemming’s popular fictional spy “James Bond.” As “daimyo”, or “master” of the Eastern crime syndicate known as “The Hand” Longshot is thought to be responsible for thousands of murders, several major assassinations, and an unfortunate incident of jaywalking, although he cannot be directly linked to any of these crimes.