The NonPro Movie Night Marathon Teaser!

Best of Three
Best of Three
The NonPro Movie Night Marathon Teaser!

Howdy folks, this is Frank from, interrupting you’re podcast feed for this urgent message!

We’re putting on our first Kickstarter, and we need your help to reach our goal – AND BEYOND!

NonPro is planning a Movie Night, a movie marathon where we’re streaming some of the best of the worst flicks of all time, and raising money to cover operating expenses for the year.

Every dollar you donate gets us closer to some truly truly terrible films, and we’re going to stream the entire experiment for you, our loyal fans and supporters.

Oh, and hey, we’re also donating cash to the ACLU, because protecting our right to speak out is sort of important, dontcha think?

And if you support our Kickstarter, there are some awesome rewards in it for you, including watching some ridiculously amazing films with us in studio!

To donate, please head over to and show us your support.


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