Bonus Round: SoulCalibur VI

Get ready to prove that the soul still burns. SoulCalibur VI is now available.

After a 6 year hiatus since SoulCalibur V, the next entry in the premiere weapons-based fighting game series returns to PS4, Xbox One and PC. SoulCalibur VI doesn’t continue the story from V, but returns to the events of the first game to reveal “hidden truths.” Many of the staple characters return, such as Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Ivy and Voldo, as well as characters that debuted later in the series, including Talim, Raphael and the game’s first DLC character, Tira. Two new characters also join the cast: Gr0h (“Groh”) a mysterious swordsman that wields a double-sided sword, and Azwel, a sorcerer that can create weapons out of thin air. The SoulCalibur series is also well known for their guest characters, and VI is no exception, as Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series makes his fighting game debut, wielding both his sword and Witcher signs to attack and trap his opponents.

While retaining its classic gameplay, SoulCalibur VI also includes a new mechanic called Reversal Edge, which allows characters to block most attacks and counter with strikes that begin a rock-paper-scissors minigame which puts the winner in an advantageous position. Another new addition are Lethal Hits, which are special moves that are harder to setup and land, but will open up the possibility for devastating combos and juggles.

If you’re not in the mood for fighting your fellow warriors in multiplayer, SoulCalibur VI will also feature two comprehensive single-player modes. The first is “Soul Chronicle,” which goes through the story of SoulCalibur VI, and will include appearances from other well known characters from the Soul series, and may hint at possible upcoming DLC characters. The other mode is “Libra of Soul,” where players will be able to create a custom fighter and take on a variety of missions, similar to Weapon Master Mode from SoulCalibur II.

Who are you maining in SoulCalibur VI? Tell us your fighter of choice in the comments below.

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