Samantha Little on Rising Food Costs


When I was a small child, I used to watch Super Market Sweep on Lifetime.  I was endlessly fascinated by the fact a sole individual on the red team could run around and manage to grab $800 in groceries plus a super bonus, the mystery product, and an extra $200 for finding the dented can of creamed corn in a barrel of string beans.  They would eventually end up with some $1200 in groceries thus sending them to bonus round.   

I loved this show.  There were thrills in the three minutes of shopping, mystery in the bonus round clues, and tears in the agony of not grabbing that $5000 money fan.  When I go the grocery store today, I like to imagine that I am on the show.  I go as quickly through the isles as I can, being careful to avoid screaming children and frail, slow-moving old people.  I don’t stop to compare prices as this will surely bring my final total down.  I look carefully for ‘bonuses’ in the form of fake discounted merchandise.  For example, is there anything better than finding a product that is one for $2 or 2 for $3.99? 

Your next trip to the grocery store should be fun and enjoyable rather than a case of penny pinching.  The next time you want to whine and bitch about food costs, just remember that those people who worry about the extra quarter milk costs will never be the ones to win ‘the big sweep.’ 

Till Next Time! 


Your Friendly Neighborhood Shopping Addict Optimist,

Samantha ‘If I Was a Rich Girl’ Little 

P. S.  Raise the cost of my stylish Old Navy flip flops and I’ll cut you