This Campaign is Starting to Annoy Me


It’s no surprise that I am a complainer and this is one offender that cannot go unchecked.  I am so tired of the ‘Go Green’ campaign.  Everyone is pushing it and I, for one, am sick and tired of getting dirty looks for not purchasing the lame-ass reusable cloth bag at the grocery store.  I know I am not going to bring it back to use again and inflation is way too high to spare the $1.99.  On a side note, all of these hippies are preventing drilling in
Alaska or the Bermuda Triangle or wherever all the oil is chilling.  I have no proof of the claim but it sounds plausible.

Need more proof that ‘Go Green’ is pretty lame?  Check out this link.  This is absurd!!!

I say we need to stop making the earth such a spectacle.  It’s kind of like that old rape story from a few years ago.  Basically, when one person witnesses a crime, he/she is more likely to help out than if a whole group of people are witnessing it.  If I think I am the only one caring about the environment, than I will be more inclined to do my part.  All of this attention to the issue just makes me feel annoyed and convinces me that someone else will pick up the slack. 


Samantha “One Person Makes a Difference” Little