Matt Striker Strikes Loud Idiots!

This week the Loud Idiots make total marks of themselves for former WWE Superstar and one of the most charismatic individuals in the history of professional wrestling, the Once and Future King of the Independents, Mr. Matt Striker. Listen in as we get all the details of his early days in the business, what it’s really like in the WWE, and just maybe a taste of what the future holds for one of our favorite wrestlers. Plus, our February tradition continues with another installment of “Taffeta Darling’s Month of Self Love.”


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Among Loud Idiots fans, Big Poppa Pete is known as “The Hot One,” not for his obvious physical attractiveness, but because his internal body temperature is over 5,000 degrees Centigrade. That’s hotter than most white dwarf stars, even Peter Dinklage. BPP is so hot, that the air in a four yard radius around him melts. Yes, the air melts. He also enjoys stamp collecting.