Everything Was Awesome: The Lego Movie Review


“Everything is Awesome” is not only the main musical theme of The Lego Movie, but also the perfect way to sum up my feelings for this movie!

The Lego Movie is a rare cinematic gem; a lot of attention to detail and love was put into what could have easily been an lazy cash-cow for Warner Brothers, leaving us with a unique and fun experience that rivals most summer-blockbusters.

The story follows a regular, normal, uninteresting yellow-faced Mini Fig Named Emmet.


Emmet is from BricksBurg, a massive town completely ruled by the Evil President Business who makes sure everyone conforms and follows the instructions all the time.

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When Emmet find the Piece of Resistance and meets up with Master Builder Wild Style and a cast of interesting and copyrighted characters, he is flung into an adventure to stop President Business and his lackey Bad Cop from using the Kragle to freeze all of the Lego Universe.

There are three things that make The Lego Movie so special. The first, again, is the the attention to detail. Despite being a CGI animated movie, you would never know it while watching it. The movie has every Lego detail imaginable, from creases in Emmets hair to the fact that the Lego Mini Figs don’t make any movements that you could not do yourself when playing with your Lego Movie Maker Studio in your basement. Heck even the non-brick stuff that find its way into the movie is all the crap you remember finding in your big Lego bin and thinking, how did that get there.

The next awesome thing about this flick is that this is not just a movie for Lego fan’s but a movie for movie fans. The plot is amazingly subversive, almost a parody of the Hero’s Journey with the moral of the story being that there even though everyone wants to be special there is a place for everyone weather you follow the instructions or you build from your imagination as a master builder. It rejects the notion that your hero must be, well, a hero to make a difference; sometimes what you really need is a 9-5 construction worker. It’s also full of wonderful movie references, from the Mini Figs like Batman and Dumbledore to references to the Terminator and the Matrix.


The last great thing about this movie is its heart. The Lego Movie is a wild ride full of laugh-out-loud humor and packed with all the energy and excitement of a child’s imagination but when the movie slows down it hits you straight in the heart. Throughout the film you’ll find yourself feeling for Emmet and his struggle, or find yourself empathizing with the villain and his lackeys. This all culminates in a heart felt climax I never saw coming.

So to borrow a rating system from another great show on the network. I would give the Lego movie a Mint. Go see it, today!

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