Flash Gordon and the JETS

Howdy all!

Frank here – world traveler and infamous explorer – with another travelogue to thrill the mind!

This week’s journey brings us from the Meadowlands to Mongo for what I promise is a perfectly logical, if convoluted, diversion. Trust me, it’ll all make sense at the end.

It’s Friday and I’m about to go to the first Jets game of the Season (Pre-Season, that is.  I’m not made of money.)  Now, it’s no secret that I am not much of a sports nut, but since I come from a long line of Jets-fans, when Ahmed and John decided they were going, I had to tag along.

I don’t live too far from the Great Swamp that houses Giants Stadium, but the trip out east to the hinterlands of New Jersey always makes me feel as if I were entering a different world – another plane – the no-man’s land that waits between the Wonderland of NJ and the glitz of NYC.  On either side of Route 3 you have life, culture, civilization – but if you walk the line between those two worlds just the right you may find yourself trapped in the purgatory that is the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

But that sort of brings me to the second point in this post.  You see, there was another man who was famous for bridging the gap between worlds and traveling to new exotic lands teaming with thugs: Flash Gordon.  Yes, that’s right, Flash Gordon has been delighting fans for decades as a comic strip, cartoon, serial, movie, and yes… even a Radio Series.  You may remember our take on Flash Gordon several years ago here on NonProductive.  If you don’t – well, screw yourselves!  I don’t have to impress you!

I’m just kidding baby, I can change.  Just give me one more chance.

Flash Gordon has been revised yet again, this time by the Scifi Channel as an hour long television series.  The premiere was this very night, and as a major nostalgia nerd, you just know I was right there watching and hoping for the best.

So, how did the night turn out, you ask?  Well, the Jets won a kick ass victory, and Flash Gordon proved interesting enough to get me excited about next week.  The question now is will it last?

Stay tuned.

–  Frank

PS.  Flash Gordon was the Quarterback for the NY Jets in the awesome 1980s movie version – and don’t you forget it!

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