NonPro News — August 8, 2007

With no Lindsey this week, Sam and I were left to fill the gaps. Don’t expect gold here folks!

First we have a lovely article about a Giant Lego Man invading a small Dutch beach. It looks as if the British are coming… and are concealed inside like tiny buildin-block men.

Next we have the story of a Real Life Harry Potter. Imagine what this guy’s crank phone calls sound like. Every nerd in England has probably found themselves breathing heavy on his line at least once or twice a year.

Then we continued Blind Driver Watch 2007 with the strange tale of a 20 year old Estonian man that was out cruising without his seeing eye-dog. In hid defense he did employ a seeing eye-teenager.

And finally… well… Superbaby. No, this one’s 4Real.

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