Dark Shadows, Episode 41

“41.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 22 August 1966.

Roger calls Sam later. Sam promptly breaks down and tells Roger what happened last night although he is a bit fuzzy on just he said to Bill Malloy. Sam hangs up then trashes the drawings he made of Devlin.

Roger meanwhile is talking to Elizabeth. He is supremely happy with himself over thwarting Carolyn’s meeting with Devlin. Elizabeth is curious but changes the subject to their inheritance. Most of their inheritance is stock in Collins Cannery, stock which Roger has just offered for the public. Roger seems resentful that Elizabeth still has a controlling interest in the company. Roger also mentions Elizabeth’s former husband Paul Stoddard. The “late” Paul Stoddard, Roger seems interested in mentioning.

Maggie Evans goes to her father after her shift. She’s noticed that Devlin seems to be acting different. She asks about the ‘accident’ from ten years ago, specifically what part Roger Collins played in it. When her father is less than forthcoming, she calls Collinwood. Roger simply hangs up on her.

Elizabeth is worried about Carolyn, but Victoria assures her that she talked to Carol and the younger Stoddard is simply busy. Elizabeth calls Joe and is shocked when Carolyn isn’t there. When she is unable to reach Bill Malloy, she tries to reach Ned Calder.

Sam, meanwhile, is curious as to why Malloy is taking such an interest in him and shows up at Collinwood looking for answers.

Questions asked: Can Ned Calder save them? How did Paul Stoddard die?

Review:  So, this is the first time mention of the departed Paul Stoddard. His death must have impacted Elizabeth greatly, but how exactly did he die? Will Roger’s selling of the stock play into Devlin’s plans?