Dark Shadows, Episode 42

“42.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 23 August 1966.

Elizabeth invites Sam inside. Sam claims he wants to save his soul and tell her what happened between him and Roger ten years ago. He has to pad the scene out first by talking about Jeremiah Collins and his portrait, noting that the late Paul Stoddard wanted to be painted in a similar fashion before he died. They chat more about paintings, including Devlin’s recent request for one. Elizabeth wants to know why Devlin came back to Collinsport.

Devlin is meeting with James Blair, Stuart Bronson’s partner. Blair and Bronson have been looking into the Collins holdings and it might be good news for Devlin. As it stands, Devlin might be able to legally buy everything out from under the Collins family. Collinwood in particular has been devalued greatly over the years, with Blair noting the lowered property tax rate in recent years. Unseen by both men, possibly, Carolyn stares intently at Devlin.

Joe suddenly arrives at Collinwood. Learning that Carolyn isn’t there, Joe suggests she might have slipped off to Bangor with Devlin.

Carolyn invites herself to Devlin’s table. Devlin openly says Blair is there to help him ruin her family and take away everything they own. Carolyn thinks this is very funny as Blair leaves. Devlin and Carolyn flirt, with Devlin giving her a silver filigree pen. She suggests she’ll use to write in her diary, a notion that Devlin strongly encourages.

Sam finally leaves after Elizabeth mentions wanting to find Bill Malloy. She suspects that Sam Evans just might be hiding something from her.

Questions asked: Will Devlin carry out his plan?

Review:  Wow, Devlin just outright states that he’s gunning for her family and Carolyn doesn’t bat an eye. Why is Devlin so concerned about her writing in a diary? So Sam just shows up, says he wants to confess something then leaves, and Elizabeth doesn’t think to actually ask him what he knows? Again, can no one in this town ever get to the point?

As an aside, the character of James Blair was introduced when Barnard Hughes was unable to reprise his role of Stuart Bronson.