Dark Shadows, Episode 40

“40.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 19 August 1966.

Bill Malloy walks in on Roger and Sam. Roger claims to be visiting as he wanted a portrait of himself. Seeing that one witness is one too many, Roger leaves. Bill and Sam talk and drink coffee.

At Collinwood, Carolyn gets a call from Devlin. He found her ring and is keen to give it back, say around 12:30 at the diner.

Bill and Sam have switched from coffee to booze.

Roger runs into Devlin at the diner and notices he has Carolyn’s ring. He quickly tears it from him and demands he stay away from his family. Roger goes back to Collinwood where he makes it clear Carolyn is not going to do anything with Devlin.

Carolyn agrees, in that she won’t do anything with him in Collinsport. She gives an excuse and slips out to meet Devlin. They end up in Bangor. They flirt with each other as Carolyn calls home, claiming to be very busy and thus unable to come back for several hours.

Sam suddenly blurts out that he is the only thing keeping Roger Collins out of prison. He promptly passes out as Bill looks down at him.

Questions asked:  How is Sam keeping Roger out of prison? What game is Carolyn playing?

Review:  Seriously, Carolyn seems awfully obsessed with the man who wants to kill her uncle. The intrigue is mounting. Is Carolyn simply mooning over one of the few men not related to her, or is she planning something else? What is Bill going to do with Sam?