Dark Shadows, Episode 39

“39.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 18 August 1966.

Roger is at Sam’s house, trying to convince him to cancel Devlin’s portrait. When Devlin shows up unannounced, Roger is forced to hide. Sam desperately tries to get out of the deal, but Devlin refuses to let Sam quit. He wants a portrait of himself and he won’t leave Collinsport until he gets one.

Back at Collinwood, Bill Malloy is chatting with Elizabeth. He’s found out that Devlin has been inquiring into the Collins Family businesses. He’s concerned that Devlin might try a hostile takeover.  He asks for carte blanche in regards to his methods to stop Devlin. Elizabeth mentions Ned Calder as he calls back. Bill is ecstatic, as if anyone could handle Devlin’s scheming it’s the Collins Canning business manager of 15 years. Bill leaves to call Devlin and arrange a meeting.

Bill catches Devlin at Sam’s house. Devlin has been posing while Sam sketches a few ideas. Devlin leaves to talk with Bill, thus freeing Roger from his hiding place. Roger glowers at Sam and threatens to kill him. He changes his mind and mood, instead offering Sam six grand to cancel the sitting and leave town.

Bill and Devlin have their meeting. Bill’s deal is fairly simple: do nothing that could harm Elizabeth, Carolyn, or David, and Bill will do everything possible to clear Devlin of his manslaughter charge.

At Sam’s cottage, Roger is growing desperate. His mood changes to threatening when Sam drops that he has a special letter. Before Roger can do anything, however, Bill shows up at the door.

Questions asked:  Will Devlin takes Bill’s offer? Will Sam take Roger’s offer?

Review:  Notice Bill doesn’t mention Roger among the family members he doesn’t want harmed? Very interesting development, but can Bill back up what he said? Or is this a trick to get Devlin out of town? And just what exactly is in this letter? A confession? Evidence?