Dark Shadows, Episode 38

“38.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 17 August 1966.

Victoria is still in the basement when Matthew Morgan catches her. She claims she’s looking for a book that David would enjoy. Matthew says she’s lying. He tells her about the crying coming from the locked room, saying it’s the ghost of Josette Collins. He also refuses to open the locked room, claiming it would cause problems for Elizabeth, and he’d rather murder Victoria than cause problems for Elizabeth.

Back in his room, Devlin is reading his favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo. Carolyn stops by and remarks on the book’s plot. Devlin suggests she’s jealous of Victoria, a fact she has a hard time denying. When Devlin isn’t looking, she slips her ring off and drops it in the room before leaving.

At Collinwood, Elizabeth dresses down Matthew, saying he was responsible for Roger’s accident. She demands he take full responsibility. Matthew agrees, although he swears to murder Devlin later, and tells her about Victoria’s supposed snooping.

Later, Victoria is finally getting around to telling Elizabeth about Ned Calder’s call. She runs into Carolyn and they chat, with Victoria noticing Carolyn’s missing ring before the topic of the crying in the basement is brought up. Carolyn claims to have heard it most of her life. She tells Victoria to get used to it and other kinds of weirdness.

Questions asked: Is the crying the result of ghosts?

Review:  Seriously, Matthew Morgan proves to be the craziest person in the house and framing him for Roger’s accident is the best plan they can come up with? I’m sure it will in no way backfire. Devlin’s plans seem to be slow moving, and Carolyn’s flirting with him seems to be even worse idea. I’m told the supernatural elements won’t come into play until the second season, so I’ll have to wait and see regarding the supposed ghosts.