Dark Shadows, Episode 37

“37.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 16 August 1966.

Roger calls Sam, demanding to know if Sam has agreed to cancel Devlin’s portrait. He hasn’t and Roger blows his top. Victoria is wandering the halls and stumbles onto the scene. Roger chews her out for snooping. He threatens to fire her. Victoria counters that Elizabeth begged her to stay and since she controls the purse strings, Victoria will be staying around for the foreseeable future.

Sam, meanwhile, hangs up the phone and finds his daughter Maggie listening. He won’t tell her who called, instead giving her a letter. He swears her to secrecy about it, as well as begging her to only open it in the event of his death.

Maggie thinks the Collins Family is behind Sam’s state and wishes that Collinwood would burn down. Sam smirks, stating that would only leave the ghosts homeless.

Victoria is now in the basement. She hears a sobbing coming from somewhere. She finds Roger instead. He cusses her out again as she hears the crying, now louder.

Never mind that, Ned Calder is calling! Roger picks up the phone and yells at him. Victoria points out that Elizabeth was rather keen on speaking to Ned. Roger starts to lose his cool, but then calms down. He finally admits that he heard the crying too; in fact, he’s heard it many times in his life. He glares at Victoria, reminding her that ghosts can seem very real.

Questions asked:  What was crying?

Review:  So Ned Calder finally calls and that’s all we get? I am less than pleased with this development. Roger chewing people out on the phone could a nice running gag I suppose. The supernatural stuff wouldn’t really come into play until the second season, but is the crying a ghost?