Dark Shadows, Episode 20

“20.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 22 July 1966.

Roger has slipped out of Collinwood with Victoria in tow. They head into town to find answers. Roger is now fully convinced that Devlin is unleashing his revenge upon the town. He drops Victoria off at the Inn and orders her to wait. While he rushes off, Victoria runs into Sam Evans.

Sam is sober, or at least sober enough to talk. He, like Roger, is convinced that Devlin is about to let loose hell upon the town and everyone in it for what happened ten years ago. Maggie, who is now feeling better, tries to check up on her father. Sam is enraged by this and has a mild breakdown.

Roger, meanwhile, has forced his way into Devlin’s room. He accuses Devlin of attempted murder. Devlin simply sits on the couch and coolly stares at Roger.  

Questions asked:  What is Burke Devlin’s plan? What is Roger going to do?

Review:  Again, we get the setup but no payoff. What happened ten years ago? If Roger is convinced Devlin tried to kill him, why doesn’t he go to the police?