Dark Shadows, Episode 22

“22.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 26 July 1966.

Devlin has finally left his room and is searching for Sam. Failing to find him, he looks up Maggie and asks about her father. She grows defensive and refuses to share his whereabouts. Sam, unknown to Devlin, is with Roger. Roger has just finished talking with the insurance company about his car, but Sam wants to talk about something else. Sam starts talking about the ‘incident’ from ten years ago. From his words, he is suggesting that perhaps he wasn’t totally honest with the authorities. Now that the police are finally getting involved, Sam is convinced they are going to reopen the case. Roger makes it clear that they are the only living people who knew what happened ten year ago. Therefore, it will never came back to bother them again.

Devlin and Maggie are talking back at the Inn when Sam stumbles in. He grows enraged at Maggie, accusing her of sharing family secrets with Devlin. Devlin insists nothing happened and that he just wants to talk with Sam. Devlin, gathering from Maggie’s words, thinks Sam is in some trouble and he would like to help him out. Sam outright rejects the offer but Devlin changes the wording. Instead of simply taking his money, Devlin suggests, why doesn’t Sam simply paint Devlin a portrait for a thousand dollars? Sam protests but it clear the offer is tempting. Devlin insists that the portrait should look exactly like the types that hang in Collinwood.

Roger, meanwhile, has taken off his sling as he waits for the constable. Carolyn is feeling incredibly guilty over recent events and tries to apologize. Roger dismisses her, as he is now fully convinced that Devlin has finally made his move. After all, there is no one else in the area that could possibly hate him enough to try and kill him, right?

Speaking of Devlin, he tells Sam that he is planning on staying until Sam finishes his portrait. Once the portrait is finished, Devlin sees no point in staying in town.

Questions asked: Is Devlin actually planning against Roger? What really happened ten years ago?

Review:  Finally, the police are being called in! Roger continues to be oblivious, but now we find ourselves asking, does Burke Devlin really have a plan against Roger or is he just trying to drive him crazy? Also, constable? Wouldn’t a sheriff make more sense? Plus, why does everything Devlin say come out sinister?

As a bit of trivia, this episode would be the last for actor Mark Allen (Sam Evans). In all subsequent appearances, Sam would be played by David Ford.