Dark Shadows, Episode 14

“14.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 14 July 1966.

We open with Victoria back in her room talking with David. She tries to win the little creep over but David is largely ignoring her in favor of the latest issue of Mechano. Victoria makes it clear she wants to be friends and that she has zero interest in taking his mother’s place. David perks up with that and gives her the seashell he found on the beach. His plan was to slip it into her dresser drawer. He also makes it clear that the point of this gesture was because of his aunt’s orders.

Victoria thanks him and leaves, running into Carolyn in the hall. Carolyn warns Victoria to not trust David. Victoria says she should be just as wary of Devlin. Carolyn scoffs at Victoria, and loudly wishes she could date Devlin rather than Joe.

Speaking of Devlin, he’s at the Blue Whale when he runs into Joe. Devlin, full of equal amounts of charm and smarm, states he’s made nice with the Collins family and that everything will be right again soon.

Back at Collinwood, Carolyn justifies her attraction to Devlin. She’s mainly interested in him because he is unlike Joe and not related to her in any way. Victoria lets it slip that Roger and Devlin are going to continue their talk at the Blue Whale. Carolyn gets ready for her date as Joe arrives. Victoria and Joe met and chat for a bit before Carolyn comes down.

Carolyn states she’s no longer in the mood for a movie but rather dancing at the Blue Whale. Victoria says nothing and makes her goodbyes. Going back upstairs, she sees a door open by itself. Running into David, who swears he wasn’t anywhere near the door, she learns that the door leads to the rest of Collinwood, but that the rest of the house was sealed off fifty years ago. Ignoring that, David asks her opinion on his father. He also wants to know her feelings on Devlin. David feels that he could be good friends with Devlin, as he hates Roger Collins too.

At the Blue Whale, Carolyn and Joe arrive. Seeing Devlin at the bar, Carolyn waves him over and invites him to sit, much to Joe’s chagrin.

Back at the house, when finally told of his father’s plans, David suddenly grows silent and still.

Questions asked: Did Devlin sabotage Roger’s car? Why does Carolyn really have the hots for Devlin? Why was the rest of the house sealed off?

Review:   Victoria saw Devlin hanging around Roger’s car with a wrench and she doesn’t think to mention this to Roger? And Carolyn shows the viewers the proper way to end up on a missing poster. Strange that they shift locals but now that we suspect Roger won’t be coming home again the tension is going through the roof.