Dark Shadows, Episode 15

“15.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 15 July 1966.

Roger is preparing to meet with Devlin. He runs into David, who makes it clear he is not going anywhere. He ignores his son and asks Victoria if she has seen his car keys. She tells him they are in the garage near his car. She also asks him to buy some comics for David while he’s in town. She states that she has made friends with David at last.

At this point, we learn that Victoria told Elizabeth she saw Burke hanging around Roger’s car, but not Roger personally. The two Collins siblings have a quiet moment before Roger leaves. Roger admits he is bothered by Devlin’s attitude but since nothing bad has happened, he is sure everything will work out fine. Elizabeth tells her brother that he should be more scared of Devlin than his own son.

Speaking of the devil, David loudly states to Victoria that his father is a liar and that he hopes he dies, the sooner the better. By now, Victoria thinks she has David figured out. The only people he trusts are his mother and his aunt. Victoria calls him a nice boy, but David corrects her. He is not nice, he states. Victoria tells him a story about a girl she knew at the Foundling Home. The girl thought nobody liked her but she just didn’t like herself. David mocks the story, offering that the girl should have done what he would have in that situation: killed everyone who didn’t like her. Victoria asks David to give his father another chance.

Elizabeth and Roger talk before Roger leaves. Elizabeth feels uneasy about his going but she says nothing else. David tries to see his father off but is ordered to bed instead. He drives off as David goes to sleep.

Elizabeth confesses that Collinwood speaks to her and that it knows Roger hates David. As David lies down to sleep, he bolts up screaming about his father dying. Roger, meanwhile, is doing a George Jones impersonation as his car leaves the road and wraps itself around several trees.

Elizabeth receives a phone call that her brother was just involved in a horrible accident.

Questions asked: Why didn’t Elizabeth warn her brother? Why is Roger so gung-ho about meeting Devlin in a neutral spot?

Review:  David just turned into a full blown creep, didn’t he? At this point, my sympathies are with Roger, as I wouldn’t trust that little jerk either. Although why Victoria and Elizabeth only talked about Roger’s car with themselves rather than voicing their concerns to Roger does seem a little suspect.