Dark Shadows, Episode 13

“13.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 13 July 1966.

We finally see Devlin and Roger confront each other, but there is less murder and more being rude. Devlin acts charming and a bit smarmy, while Roger is just agitated. Devlin goes on about how close he, Roger, and Laura (Roger’s wife) used to be. Laura and Devlin used to be particularly close, right until the day of Devlin’s trial. It seems Roger and Laura married the day after Devlin was convicted and ran off to Augusta. Roger claims he doesn’t know his wife’s current whereabouts.

Victoria speaks with Matthew. According to the old caretaker, Roger and David have been living in Collinwood for barely a month. He claims that Roger returning was the worst thing that has ever happened in the area. He also warns Victoria to stay away from Elizabeth and that she should go to Augusta to find the truth rather than wasting time in Collinsport.

Victoria, after being kicked out of Matthew’s cabin, slips back to Collinwood. Entering through the garage, she finds Devlin near Roger’s car with a wrench in his hand. He says he found the stray tool sitting in the driver’s seat and wished to remove it before someone sat down on it. He mentions in a vaguely creepy way that he was also admiring the craftsmanship of Roger’s car.

Inside, Roger declares he’ll meet with Devlin on neutral ground. Victoria is concerned about not only his plans but also the idea of his traveling. Before she could explain further, Elizabeth takes her aside and gives her some advice about Matthew. His three main moods are devoted, eccentric, and explosively violent if he thinks Elizabeth is slighted in any way.

Questions asked: Why can’t Roger and Devlin talk in the Drawing Room? Did Devlin sabotage Roger’s car? Why should Victoria go to Augusta?

Review:   So the confrontation they have been building up to for thirteen episodes finally happens and they decide to reschedule? That is a bit disappointing. Devlin’s act is now purely hinging on no one saying a single thing about his actions. Given the typical response of the townsfolk this might actually work.