COLECO Chameleon Hopes to Bring Back the Classic Gaming Experience

COLECO Chameleon

Retro Video Games Inc. showed off their new console, the COLECO Chameleon to the public for the very first time this past weekend at New York Toy Fair 2016. While many video games today are purely digital affairs, with games being able to be downloaded right to consoles, online updates, and DLC, Retro Video Games aims to return to the time of physical cartridges that are ready to play right out of the box.

The Chameleon comes with 4 USB ports that are compatible with official and third-party controllers, as well as keyboards. The console also contains HDMI, 9-pin Mini-DIN, and RCA video output support for televisions and monitors new and old. Games are planned on coming with “high-quality boxes, instruction manuals, and other supplemental materials.” Details about the processor, memory, and graphics aren’t available at this time, but the games shown so far look to be on the level of classic COLECO and 16-bit titles.

“Early Launch Titles” video

Retro Video Games plans on launching the Kickstarter campaign for the Chameleon on February 26th, 2016. Stay tuned to for more updates.


Looks like the Kickstarter has been delayed, to much confusion/concern/consternation. Here’s the official announcement (and hat-tip to Al and Katie for bringing this to our attention – good work, Team NonPro!)

From Retro Video Game Systems, Inc.‘s official Facebook page:

“We’re delaying the Kickstarter for the Coleco Chameleon to make it even better!”

“Last week durng Toy Fair in New York, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the Coleco Chameleon to the industry, gamers and retailers for the first time. Their response was beyond anything we’d imagined. Major retailers provided feedback on the product and expressed real interest in carrying the product for the 2016 holiday season. And, very importantly, major game companies expressed interest in providing games for our system, which meant we’d need more time to solidify those partnerships and maximize the content.”

“Our team’s overriding goal has always been to deliver the best possible system and experience for gamers. If there’s ever anything we can do to enhance the product, we believe the extra time is worth it. Therefore, we have decided to delay the pre-sell, i.e. Kickstarter, campaign in order to finalize our prototype and work with developers on having the best possible content. This delay will not affect our overall launch date for the Coleco Chameleon.”

“There has also been a whirlwind of interest, speculation and curiosity regarding the insides of the Chameleon. We are delighted by this and happy to confirm that we will be releasing photographs of the system now on our Facebook page, and we’ll focus on turning our prototype into a production-ready product.”

“We’ll keep you posted on any major news on our Facebook page and will let you know when we launch a pre-sell program leading up to the Christmas season. Stay tuned, and thanks for your continued support.”

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