Awful Puppets: A NonPro Advent Calendar-December 1st


We are pleased to announce that this year’s advent calendar will feature something near and dear to all of our hearts during this holiday season: Horrible, awful, terrifying puppets and dolls!

First up:
“Bedtime” Chantecler Records (Brazil)

This album, entitled “Bedtime” is from Chantecler Records of Brazil. It features a demon elf doll that has just finished supping on the life force of that surely now deceased little blond girl. What makes this terrible nightmare even more unnerving is the red nailed menace that lurks just off camera to the right. Why aren’t you trying to save that girl, you crazed-whore?! Or is it that the evil elf has somehow taken the little blond girl’s life force and is beginning to materialize as a real person stage-right?? My god. Nothing can make more sense.

Whelp, anyway, tune back in tomorrow for the next in our series…

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