Jack in the snow
I spied my first Christmas decorations this year while back-to-school shopping for the little monsters.

It started innocently enough, it was early-September, time for my nieces and nephew to figure out what they had forgotten to get for the school year. A dutiful uncle, I went on a trip to the store to snag what I could for them. It was early in “the season” so I walked in with little expectation that I’d see any of the cool Halloween displays out just yet, but there is always hope in my ghoulish heart for something new and creepy.

But instead of creepy, I saw Christmas-y. Boxes of red and green lights were being stacked in the “Holiday” section, and lawn ornaments with candy canes and reindeer were already on display. I did not hear Christmas music being piped in just yet, but that could have been a result of the fugue state I had entered into; I awoke in the parking lot with styrofoam snow under my fingernails and the unmistakable taste of deer-blood in my mouth.

We all know that Christmas is steadily encroaching on the other Winter/Fall holidays. It’s become passé to whine about it. Your social media feeds have probably already been inundated with hollow threats of what your friends would do if they hear “one more Christmas song” or see “one more piece of decoration” – Of course, you and I know those fools don’t have it in them to actually do anything about it, and venting is all we have. It’s not like we can actually wage war on Christmas or anything…


This year we’re helping Halloween fighting back against Christmas in the most joyous way possible. Now that it’s December (the arbitrarily designated appropriate time to celebrate) we’re helping Halloween push back by bringing the Creep into Christmas thanks to the wonderful winter wights over at It’s a month-long ghoul-tide celebration of Christmas, with a creepy, kooky, crazy bent.

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Heck, with NonPro‘s “Christmas in July in August” we’re certainly not helping.

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