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Only Coin: Not Ready for Prime Time

Two years ago I backed a Kickstarter called Only Coin. It was an awesome idea, I’m always looking for ways to slim down my wallet and Coin proposed a solution…

Geektoberfest: Don’t leave the Line Cutters alone with your Sims

The Line Cutters talk about TF Con and the most unintentionally horrifying games. Next, they remember Back to The Future fondly on BTTFDay, and discuss the physics of time travel….

Line Cutters – Your Guide to NYCC

Frank and James sit down to talk about there fun weekend at New York Comic Con. What they saw, who they talked to, and all the tricks of the trade…

Mr. Robot Episode 8 GIF-REWIND!

MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW We here at the Line Cutters are obsessed with the new USA drama, Mr. Robot, and the second to last episode before the season finale had some…