Why don’t people TELL me these things?!?

So, the NonProductive Blogs have been up for quite a while now, and they supply the various aggregated RSS-feeds used throughout numerous places all across the internet.

What that garbled nonsense means is that these I built this stupid website so that anyone checking our page on Click Radio, MySpace, or Facebook, could see when new episodes were podcasted immediately and be able to easily download the file and listen to it at their heart’s content.

But because of a glitch in the server, those  “File Download” links from every WRSU show have lead to dead ends.  It’s been like that for months, and not a single person has complained.  This is strange, because the only way people would be able to get the files with this glitch in effect was to navigate to the wiki, or to the podcast server, and click them directly – not impossible, but still a pain.  You people are either stalwart and heroic martyrs, dedicated to bearing all personal pain rather then burdening your friendly-neighborhood-Frank with server conflicts… or your just plain lazy!

Or, I suppose, no one could be listening to the WRSU show.  But that’s can’t be – they wear plaid shirts, people!

Well, I fixed the glitch by being super-inventive and awesome.  Everything should be working now.  Go download your favorite WRSU episodes.

Special Thanks to Ken Smith for being the only person to have reported an error while trying to download a WRSU episode.

– Frank

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