Wieners in the mouth

It’s no secret that hoping for a Hillary/Obama hybrid candidate to sweep the election come November.  I’m not talking both of them on the same ticket.  I’m talking full-on genetic abomination, a-la The Fly.

But, occasionally I see a news story on Republicans of which I wholeheartedly approve.

Last week, I caught a bit on Yahoo! News about John McCain and President Bush having lunch together at the White House.  They had hot dogs.

This is newsworthy?????  Thanks a lot, overfed media.  That’s a really great use of time, money, and resources.  Jackasses…

But, got to thinking… and this is truly a gift to us.  I’d call it comic gold, but it’s really a comic onion, with various layers to examine.

First off is the dubious newsworthiness of the story to begin with.  But, that fades quickly.  So, peel back a few layers, and imagine this as the headline:


Childish? – YES

Sophomoric? – YES

On that note, have an immature week  🙂