APRIL FOOLS! WE’RE HILARIOUS RIGHT?? “The Winner of our #DisneyPower #MarchMadness Competition is…”

After an insane month-long battle, our March Madness competition to determine the most powerful Disney character of all time has finally come to an end!

From the beginning, we said that “power” was hard to define. It is, after all, a big word; meaning both mystical and physical prowess, as well as significance and iconic status. And while we’re surprised to see such amazing characters like Mickey Mouse, Genie, and Simba fall by the wayside – it is no wonder that when crowning our champion we have found ourselves bowing to a true Disney Princess…

The Winner of our Disney Power March Madness is…

Princess Anastasia!

Anastasia bows

Princess Anastasia was an underdog through most of our competition, but it is clear what her fans found so powerful about her. Unlike many of her fellow Disney Princesses, Anastasia was not raised in the lap of luxury only to find conflict as an adult, she had power ripped away from her as a child and was left abandoned. She has elements of the classic storybook orphan AND storybook ruler, all rolled into one historical figure. Also unlike some of her fellow Disney Princesses, Anastasia was a legitimate princess, and ergo worthy of the title and the authority to rule. There is an element of mystery to the real life story of Anastasia, and knowing that in her Disney film, the little lost princess did get a chance to reunite with her family and reclaim her crown is a triumph her fans (if not the proletariat) can share!

Anastasia movie poster

Heart don’t fail us now, courage don’t desert us – join us in celebrating the crowning of a true Disney princess, and the most powerful Disney character of all time… PRINCESS ANASTASIA!

Anastasia haters gonna hate

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