The Best Toys of NYCC 2012!

New York Comic Con 2012 is now officially in the history books, and boy-howdy was it spectacular. Rarely do geeks in the Tri-State area have the opportunity to feast their eyes on such a cornucopia of nerdy delights. For those of us who love toys and collectibles, it was a particularly sumptuous feast. If you were unable to make it out to the Javitz Center this past weekend, here is a quick glimpse of our picks of the Top Ten Toys at NYCC 2012. No, they were not all new, but they are the coolest of the cool. Get your droolers ready, and as always, click to embiggen the pic – or check out our gallery at the end:

10. Uncle Sam and Dollman

[DC Universe Signature Collection Action Figures]

There’s something very heartening about seeing a relatively obscure character getting the action figure treatment, particularly when it’s sculpted this beautifully.

9. Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Inflatable Yard Decoration

All over suburburbia, inflatable yard decorations have been popping up, invading the holidays with all their overblown, glowing terror. Rudolph, Santa, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, all the most innocent characters from your childhood… why did it take so long for this big boy to manifest?

8. Presidential Monsters

[Heroes in Action Toys]

It is an election year, and what better way to celebrate Halloween AND over 200 years of peaceful transfer of executive power than with action figure mash-ups of great presidents and classic movie monsters! What makes these figures so awesome is the spot-on pairings of Presidents and Monsters like Baracula, The Creature From The Watergate Lagoon, and my personal favorite, Lincolnstein!

7. Panthro Statue

[Thundercats by Mezco]

Back when I was a kid, Panthro was my favorite Thundercat because he was the mechanical genius who built all their cool stuff. That and he was the only Thundercat action figure I owned. That’s pretty much the only reason I chose his statue for this list over the other Thundercats. Really, they all look like they were just plucked out of the TV, it’s amazing!

6. Blue Beetle’s BUG

[Heroclix, Wiz Kids]

For those of us who play Heroclix, some variety and novelty is always welcome. New sculpts are cool and all, but you can only make so many variant Spideys! That’s why the new DC vehicles are so exciting, and the crowning jewel of them all is Blue Beetle’s BUG. Now there’s something I NEVER thought I would have a chance to buy.

5. Castle Greyskull Man

[MOTU Classics, Mattel]

Castle Greyskull Man is the winning entry in Mattel’s Design a Character contest for He-Man’s 30th anniversary. He answers the question we have all asked at some point: “What would Castle Greyskull look like if it was a dude?” The answer: Vaguely Mayan.

4. Ghostbusters Slimer Gelatin Mold

[Previews Select]

Another piece of GB merchandise makes it onto the list, and it’s another one that makes me wonder, “Why didn’t they think of this before?” Slimer + Lime Jell-o = No-Brainer

3. “The Killing Joke” Joker Statue


Kotaku is famous for their photo perfect sculpts, but this Joker statue is a cut above. The best part, a motion activated flash feature on the camera. That’ll really KILL ‘EM!

2. Granamyr

[MOTU Classics, Mattel]

The greatest He-Man toy never made has now been made. Granamyr, the ancient alien dragon was one of the most memorable characters from the Filmation animated series, and this sculpt is picture perfect.

1. Castle Greyskull

[MOTU Classics, Mattel]

He-Man is the big winner this year with three, count them, three entries on the top ten list. And it’s not surprising, given that this is the Blonde Bombshell’s 30th anniversary. Castle Grayskull is by far the most ambitious toy on the list. They’re making it just like the original, but bigger, and better. It’s so ambitious, Mattel won’t even commit to making it until they get enough pre-orders. So head over to and sign up for yours.

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