Some things you just don’t ask a guy to do

If you’re a guy in a relationship, I’ll wager that at some time, your lady has asked you to wear, or at least wondered out loud what you’d look like in a pink shirt.  I’ll bet that like most guys, you protested at the thought.  Guys do not wear pink – plain and simple.

This isn’t a matter of our maturity, our tolerance of others, or security in our masculinity.  Frankly, I’m more than a little tired of women throwing that old chestnut back at us time and again (“Oh… you don’t want to do it because you’re afraid you might like it…”).  The reason I don’t want to wear a pink shirt isn’t because I’m afraid of it.  I don’t want to wear a pink shirt because I don’t want to wear a pink shirt – plain and simple.  It’s the same reason that I don’t want to eat a plate of dog leavings.  I’m not afraid I’ll like it, or what anyone else will think of me for doing it.  It’s just something that I’m not interested in, nor will ever be interested in.  More power to the sick fucks who actually get off eating poop.  It’s just not something I’m ever going to try.  I KNOW I won’t like it.  And, don’t tell me not to knock it if I haven’t tried it.  There’s certain things in this world that I can safely say I won’t enjoy and about which refuse to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.  Pink shirts fall into that category.

Sometimes I think women ask us to wear pink shirts so that they can take a picture and brag to their girlfriends that they actually got us into a pink shirt.  Pink is the classic girl color, and it’s some kind of a power trip thing, I think.  Remember guys… there’s no shame in being asked to wear a pink shirt.  If you’re in a relationship, you will get asked at one time or another.  The shame is in actually doing it.