SNL Nerds – Episode 233 – Ana de Armas and Karol G

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Episode 233 - Ana de Armas and Karol G

Editor’s Note: This episode was pieced together from several different recording sessions. Every time the audio quality changes, take a drink (of water, stay hydrated my friends). Interested in hearing the hilarious outtakes? Let us know by leaving a comment/review!

John and Darin are back in the studio to break down the bi-lingual blockbuster episode of SNL with first time host, Ana de Armas and Karol G! It’s Funky Kong! It’s American Dolls: The Movie! It’s dog sketch shenanigans! It’s Matt Schatt….AGAIN! It’s Lisa From Temecula….AGAIN!!!! All this plus our thoughts on the new season of Party Down, our thoughts on the host for the May 6th show that may or may not happen and the introduction of Deon Williams! It’s all here on another salad-tossing episode of the SNL Nerds! Who ordered the margarini?!?

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