Reddit Gifs Leak the Most Expensive Netflix Series Ever

What an amazing age we find ourselves within.

Today, a series of mysterious GIFS (a motion graphic interface) were leaked on Reddit (a website bulletin board system) that seem to showcase a new series from Netflix (a streaming video entertainment service) as part of an elaborate viral marketing stunt (Chuck Testa).

The Netflix series is Altered Carbon, a 10-episode cyberpunk series based on Richard K. Morgan’s bestselling novel.

“Set some five hundred years in the future in a universe in which the United Nations Protectorate oversees a number of extrasolar planets settled by human beings, it features Takeshi Kovacs as a former U.N. elite soldier and a native of Harlan’s World, a planet settled by a Japanese keiretsu with Eastern European labour.”

Here are the Gifs:

All the images were posted by a two-week old account named Last Envoy, a reference the the novel’s main character.

At a rumored $7 million per episode, this series is one of the most expensive Netflix has ever produced, and a sign that the rising media giant feels the need to continue to grow in a world of increasing Balkanization of media streaming avenues. The show is being produced and written by Laeta Kalogridis, who’s work on Avatar, Shutter Island, and even Birds of Prey show some strong genre chops. It is set to premiere in 2018.

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