Michael Green and Bryan Fuller are Leaving American Gods

In terrible news, it’s being reported that Michael Green and Bryan Fuller will be leaving the American Gods TV show at Starz. The adaption of Neil Gaiman’s work was brought to the network by these two hugely influential producers who where the driving force in getting the show off the ground. The showrunners have apparently left over disagreements on budget and the direction of the show’s second season.

Bryan Fuller is a unique voice in television, and his stylish production values have lead to cult hits like Pushing Daisies and Hannibal. While it is reported the most of the scripts have been completed for the second season of American Gods, and these scripts and the directors flagged for episodes will most likely remain intact, we can only guess how this might effect the show’s trippy and sometime’s surreal tone.

No one seems willing to let Bryan Fuller do what he does best, and that is a big problem.

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