One BIG Hint You Should Not Do a Sequel

Cloverfield 2Ohmigod!

It’s no secret NonProductive fans that I am not a “Cloverfield” fan.  I have no intention of seeing this film for two big reasons.  One, monster movies are lame.  Two, it looks pretty damn icky from my fabulously girly POV.

Nevertheless, I know when I have a duty to save someone from embarrassment.

According to a Sci Fi post, “Cloverfield” director Matt Reeves has said that a sequel to the 2007 film is currently on hold until the filmmakers “can come up with an idea as interesting as the original.”

SPOILERS:  I didn’t see the film by from what I understand isn’t it implied that everyone is kinda killed by some lame-ass monster.  Some ideas that have been thrown around involve a prequel that follows the monster pre-NY City attack.  Last time I checked watching eggs hatch was not all that exciting.  Another idea involved following the same night with different characters.  The film would be called “Cloverfield 2”  “Cloverfield.”

Big hint to the super hotshot director:  if you have to put a sequel on hold so you can think of something interesting and original to write about, chances are you should ditch the project entirely.  My co-hosts will probably disagree but I’m cooler than them so my opinion matters more.

I have said on the show before that some movies should never be messed with and despite never seeing this film, I believe it is one of them.  “The Blair Witch 2” tried to ride the unexpected hit wave and that wave broke on the shore of broken dreams.   Sometimes you should just quit while you are ahead.

Till Next Time,

Samantha “Looking Out for the Greater Good” Little