NonProductive’s Dumbass Award!


This week’s award goes to a German man who decided to protest high gas prices by writing an angry letter, waving a sign in front of city hall, torching his car on the lawn in front of Frankfurt’s convention center in Berlin.  I kid you not NonProductive fans!

The 30-year-old unemployed man drove his black 1995 BMW 3-series sedan onto the convention lawn around 7:30 a.m. on Friday, doused the car in gasoline, and then watched it light up like a Christmas tree…that had been lit on fire.  Police say the man admitted to burning his car because he could no longer afford to put gas into the darn thing.

Why is this man my dumbass of the week?  The reason is because there are so many other things the man could have done with his car.  This includes:

1.  Sell the car for parts which is a profitable industry especially if you steal them.

2.  Recreate that White Snake video by dancing on the hood.

3.  Only use the car when needed.  Choose public transportation when available.

4.  Get a job so you can afford gas you lazy SOB.

For the full story, written miraculously in a serious manner, click here.

Congratulations random German man…you are NonProductive’s Dumbass of the Week!

Keep your flame bright,

Samantha “I would dance on your car hood” Little