New York Comic Con 2009 — Day Two!

Hello you crazy cats in NonPro land!

Well, day two of New York Comic Con has come and, sadly, gone, and it was a doozy. The con was PACKED this year, and there was hardly room to geek-out in! Nonetheless, we did manage to have some fun. Highlights:

  • Start-Trekkin: The Star Trek Improv Troop
  • The Venture Bros. panel
  • Getting rammed repeatedly into a wall, and, on occasion, into con-goers
  • Iron Fist as presented by a physically fit con-goer
  • The Hulk on stilts
  • and the best part of today…

Our interview with Neal Adams!

Neil Adams, and most of you should know, is one of the legends of the comic industry. His illustrations are likely ingrained in your mind, even if you aren’t a big follower of comics. Plus, the man knows how to pit his green-themed superheroes against one another.

Green Arrow Green Lantern Neal Adams

That’s all tonight… I can’t wait for you all to hear the shows when they are done!

– Frank

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